Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bachelor for 3 Weeks

Well, my wife left yesterday for a work trip for three weeks. So I guess that means it is just me and the dog. I will certainly miss her terribly, and the dog is going nuts already. She pulled out the DVD binder under the TV and proceeded to scatter DVD's around the house. I think she has the same taste in movies as I do, the only ones she destroyed were ones I don't watch....Sorry Ash :). Despite the obvious downfalls to coming home to an empty house for most of January, I hope to use this time as an opportunity to make the next step forward in my training.

I am putting the finishing touches on my skeleton training plan leading up to IMTX. I say skeleton because I am hoping to continually improve and will need to adjust times and intensities accordingly. Plus I will be traveling myself a few weekends here and there and heading on a trip to Haiti for a service project through work. I am not sure what I will have available for training on these trips. My 2013 schedule will average over 20 hours each week between the three disciplines. If I want to even get close to the times the pros are hitting, I have to start training like them. This will be a much higher volume than my 2012 program which averaged 13-17 hours each week. I will also be adding more Brick work and speed intervals than I have been doing in the past. It is time to make the next step.

Obviously, I can't just go all out in the next three weeks, that would be a recipe for injury. I have been building at about 10% total volume each week with a step back each 4th week for recovery. During January, I will be jumping forward at 15%. I have had a pretty good start to 2013 (and a pretty good weekend training). I have two other things on the agenda while my wife is away. First, I need to get a big start on planning and prepping classes for the second semester. This will help reduce stress and also open up the schedule a bit so I can train like I want to when my wife gets back. Second, I plan on trying a few new products and messing around with my nutrition plan a little. In the past, I have found something that works and stuck with it. The opportunity I have to work with should help me to find out what I like best, not just what works. Should be a fun process!!!

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