Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Recap

Last day of the year. It was definitely a year that brought some hills and valleys. I raced 4 times and would say that one of them was a great race, one a good race, and two were sub-par races. Unfortunately, I have had the taste of a sub-par race in my mouth since the last race of the season (Vegas). Fortunately, I learned a lot from each of the races. I am looking forward to having a big 2013 and have Vegas to help motivate me in the off season. I will be transitioning from my off season plan to my official plan for IMTX in two weeks. I have seen some progress in the off season, but need to make more strides in order to put myself in a position to go after my goals.

I am working with my wife to put together my competition schedule for 2013. I am hoping to post that soon. I will definitely be racing more this year despite the fact that I will be in Spain the entire month of June and part of July for work. I am actually trying to find a race that I can fit into the schedule there that won't cost a ton of money to make happen. I am hoping to volunteer at the ITU tri in Madrid, I don't think I will be recovered from Texas for it to be worth competing in. I would like to try an ITU race soon.

I spent a little time today looking at my workout log today. This is something I need to spend more time doing. I think I will switch to Training Peaks next year because it allows a lot more data breakdown. I need to train with higher volume next year and include more tempo workouts (especially runs). I put in more miles in all three disciplines in 2012 than 2011. I ran a whopping 30 miles farther than last year, swam a whole 3000 yards farther, however put in more than 1000 more bike miles than 2011.

I focused a lot on improving my bike for 2012, and have kept this as my focus for the off season. I have spent the last few days tinkering with my bike fit. I am going for a much more aggressive fit on my P3 than I had on my P2. Hopefully I will have this zeroed in by next week so I can get some saddle time in before I can move back outdoors. I'll also be messing around with my nutrition plan in the next couple of weeks as well. I am trying to reduce the friction and make everything run more smoothly on the bike leg. I also have to practice getting more nutrition in during my runs. I bonked twice this year and I don't have room in the race schedule for sub-par races this year.

All-in-all, I am happy with 2012. I learned a lot and hope I can use the experience to make 2013 better. I wish everyone a successful 2013. Happy New Years! Train safe and smart.

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