Saturday, December 1, 2012

No Rest November?

I'm sitting waiting for the fog to clear so I can go for a ride. December first, and it is 50 degrees in Iowa! Can't pass up a day like today. I had a great month of training in November. Some people participate in No Shave November. I decided that I would participate in No Rest November. I got at least one work out every day in November. All runs were outside as well! We have had some amazing weather this fall and I feel lucky to be able to train outdoors this late into the season. I am hoping to get some winter training gear for Christmas and at least run outside all winter. It helps pass the time so much better than on the treadmill.

Need to decide what I am going to do for a training plan this month...and through May. I am happy with my Progress through November. I am hitting most of my times from when I hit my peak for the 2012 season. Now it is time to start upping the volume to prep for IMTX. I am hoping to have a sponsor or two for the 2013 season. I have been talking with a few and should find out this week or next on most of them. It is a bit nerve racking. I have had a few good races, but need to race more to increase my exposure. My biggest goal for the 2013 season is to get my Pro card. I need to race more to do that. I have to figure out what distance of race gives me my best shot. I am going to try to race competitively at Oly, Half, and Full distances this year. Hopefully I can put together three great races to get my card. I will also do a few races which are auto qualifiers if I can manage a top three finish. It is a high goal, but I am committed to getting it.

My job situation will be changing a little, which will allow a much more "normal" and structured training regimen. Less traveling and few nights working. Although I'll miss athletic training, I am ready to be a full time instructor. The Human Performance Program needs more structure and attention. I am excited for what I can do with that program. I am also excited for the increase in time for family and hobbies.

When I was 16, I made a list of 50 goals for the next 10 years. I attained many of them and fell short on a few of them. This goal list is what led me to the sport of triathlon and also brought me to the Ironman distance races. Now I am hooked. The expiration date on that list was over a year ago. I am a huge believer in goals. I have been able to accomplish so much more due to having a clear direction of where I want to go. Of course priorities change from time to time, and you have to adjust your goals accordingly. A goal migrates from a wish once it is written down. I will be posting at least part of my list in the next week.

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