Saturday, December 15, 2012

Break Time = Train Time

Wow, what a semester. I guess it is not technically over yet, I still have some grading to do. I feel bad that I don't have my grades in already. This is the first of my 9 working semesters that I have not had grades submitted by the last day of the semester. The fall semester was tough so I chose sanity rather than getting my deadlines. I had a great week of training this week; the highest volume I have had all year. I feel really strong in all three facets which is not something I have been able to say previously.

I swam more this week than an previous week in the last three years of training. The pool was supposed to be closed the entire break, but found a guard to let me in the pool for an hour each day from now till New Years. I was planning on having a bunch of long runs and bikes over break, may have to back those down a bit. Hamstring is a bit sore after the spike in volume this week, so being able to put more time in the pool will be helpful. Been swimming a lot of repeats the past few weeks. Really been able to lock into a bit faster pace. Need to solidify my form a bit. Last underwater video was in July. Will be taking another video shortly.

Been spending a lot of time on the bike this month as well. Indoor rides have been primarily on the WattBike. Found a few more things about the unit that I don't like. There is no button to set intervals on and the memory on the unit is extremely small. It will not hold over 4 hours of data with heart rate. Still, it is very convenient and I do like the ability (and constant reminder) to work on my cycling form at the same time. Also got a few rides on the new P3 this week as well. I actually got pulled over by a cop this week while riding my bike. The Police officer told me that he pulled me over because riding your bike is inherently unsafe and if I continue I am going to get myself killed. It didn't make me happy needless to say. I didn't do anything about it, and probably won't. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he was just concerned about my safety. Maybe I'll send him a thank you note...

A few medium runs this week. I tried to have a "recovery run" on Thursday evening, but the weather was perfect and my legs didn't want to slow down. My slowest run of the week was today: 10 miles at 6:00 pace after a 3000 yd swim and a 26 mile bike. It was great to get a brick in. Really, the first Brick workout I have done since Vegas. It really made me want to race. I am hitting better times than I was when I peaked in 2012. Hopefully I can stay healthy through the season...BIG PLANS!

Three main goals to accomplish over break. First, I need to finish up grading, get syllabi done for second semester, and getting the Lab set up before Interim. I also need to spend a little time solidifying my race schedule for 2013. Why are all of the races so expensive and so far away? Today I decided I want to try to find an April Half or Olympic somewhere so I can get a tune up in before IMTX! I can't wait. Last thing is to keep up the training volume. I love that training is such a stress reliever for me, I have some making up to do!

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