Thursday, February 7, 2013

100 Day Challenge

Shortly after I found out I was going to be sponsored by, I decided to try to go 100 days without taking a day off. I was just coming out of my "off season" recovery phase, so I started with a fairly low volume. I have been slowly increasing the weekly volume the last three months. During this 100 day span, I have noticed quite a few gains, especially in the pool. I am training much different than the last few years. Higher volumes, higher intensities. It is stressful at times to try to fit everything in, especially as work stress increases. I have adjusted pretty well to the higher volumes and am slowly getting over the constant soreness! Sitting about 14 weeks away from IMTX, hoping to keep the momentum going!

Total distances during 100 day span:
Swim- 148500 yds (~85 miles)
Bike-1190.8 Miles
Run- 427.7 miles

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