Monday, February 11, 2013

Extreme Winter Festival Indoor Triathlon

Well, mother nature tried to shut us down this weekend but we were still able to host our event. We had just under 50 participants for the Extreme Winter Festival Indoor Triathlon hosted by the Buena Vista Univeristy Human Performance Program along with Storm Lake United. Unfortunately, we had about 30 less participants than last year. The ice storm prevented quite a few people from being able to make the trip to Storm Lake. Who would have thought that weather could affect an Indoor triathlon as well?

We are very lucky to be able to host the event at Buena Vista University. They have a beautiful pool and a 200 meter indoor track. The overall environment is really fun. The bikes sit inside of the track so all of the spectators are either in the pool or up at the track watching the other two legs. I was really impressed by how many people stuck around to cheer on the other competitors after their wave was over. I was also really impressed by the volunteers who came to help us out. We had 20 volunteers who stuck around the entire day and helped out any way needed. We definitely could not have run the event with out them!

I am looking forward to continuing the event next year. Hopefully, we can continue to make the event grow. I have some ideas to try to bring in a few more youth participants next year, stay tuned for more information on that. It was really fun to see how many people came back and participated again in our second year. Hopefully the Extreme Winter Festival Indoor Triathlon will become a regular part of their race schedules!

Visit for all 2013 results. Also, check back for updates for the 3rd annual Extreme Winter Festival Indoor Triathlon which will be posted soon!

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