Monday, March 25, 2013

Haiti Day 2

Day two in Haiti. We are heading to Jacmel from Port Au-Prince to get to the building site. We spent the afternoon with the kids yesterday and will be heading to the orphanage again this morning before taking off to Jacmel. What an amazing experience so far. 

The kids are so full of love and energy. It really put the building plans into perspective. The living situation the 50 kids are in is not great. They cannot leave the building and have very little room to run and play. We brought them a few toys and books, and their faces just lit up! When the kids are able to move to where it is safer in Jacmel they will be able to run outside, go to school, and even learn to garden! The care takers for the kids cried when we brought a bunch of formula for the new infant they have. She did not speak English, but she asked someone how to say "God Bless You" to us. I think it caught both Ashley and I by surprise. 

Yesterday was tough on a few levels. Coupling the travel fatigue, the airport was a zoo. It is amazing to see all of the rubble still in town from the earthquake. The road and driving conditions, a lot of the living conditions, and just the general laid back environment are humbling. We often get caught up worrying about ourselves in our busy life. After day one, I am forced to think about how guilty I am in this aspect. I certainly worry about time, about tomorrow, and about work. I certainly do not take enough time to think about how lucky and blessed I am enough. God has blessed me with a great family, a wonderful wife, a job, and a safe place to live. God is good, and we are all really excited to start the day!

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