Monday, March 25, 2013

New Building Site

Today we went to the orphanage again to play with the kids for a bit. We then traveled to Jacmel. The van ride was tough, Haiti driving is much different than in the states to say the least. There were some amazing views along the way. We arrived at the Isaiah 61 house, our lodging while in Jacmel. We took a trip through the market, ate at a local restaurant (amazing food!), then walked to the 3 acre site where the orphanage will be built. It was incredible to see what the kids have now, and get a vision for what they will have in June. Tomorrow we will be starting to build a chain link fence around the lot. It sounds like construction do the new orphanage, school, and med/dental facility will start shortly after we leave!

Blogger isn't letting me upload pics, hope to have a few posted soon!

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